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gn to push Tehran to negoti▓ation table for the sign of a new nuclear deal, a cu▓rb of Iran's missile program and containmen▓t of Iran's influence in the re▓gion, which the Is▓lamic republic has rejected.&▓nbsp;Please scan

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of the▓ State Counc▓il will exclude some agricultural▓ products such as soybeans and pork from▓ the additional tariffs on U.S. goods, offi▓cial sources said Friday.China adds some U▓.S. farm pr▓oducts for additional tariff exemptionChi▓na adds some U.S. farm p

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roducts for additio▓nal tariff exemption09-▓14-2019 09:20 BJTBEIJING, Sept. 13 ▓-- The Customs Tari▓ff Commission of t▓he State Council will exclude some agricult▓ural products such as soybea▓ns and pork f▓rom the additional ▓tariffs on U.S. g▓oods, official sources said Friday

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.China suppo▓rts domestic companies in purchasing a certain amount of U.S. farm p▓roduce in line with the rules of the market and the Wo▓rld Trade ▓Organization, according t▓o sources wit▓h the National Development and Reform Commissi▓on and the Mini▓stry of

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Commerce▓.The move came after the United Sta▓tes decided to make ▓adjustments to the additional tariff▓s to be imposed on Chinese goods on Oct. 1.Chi▓na has a hu▓ge market, and the prospects fo▓r importing high-quality U.S.▓ farm produce ar▓e broad. Ch▓ina hopes the United States will be tr▓ue to its word, make progress on its commitme▓nts and crea▓t

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e favorable conditions for bilateral agricultural cooperation, said s▓ources with the relevant departments of China. Please scan t▓he QR Code to f▓ollow us on InstagramPlease s▓can the QR Code t▓o follow us on Wec▓hatChinese and U.S. economic and trade teams ▓have maintained effective communicati▓on and the▓ working groups o

d on Saturday

f▓ the two sides will meet soon ▓to conduct consultations and ma▓ke full preparations▓ for the next hig▓h-level economic and trad▓e consultation be▓tween the two sides, an▓ official said Thursday.China, U.S. wo▓rking groups to meet soon: MOC▓China, U.S. working groups to ▓meet soon: MOC▓09-13-2019 09:22 B▓JTBEIJING, Sept. 1▓2 -- Chinese

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and U.S. e▓conomic and ▓trade teams have maintained effective communication and the working groups of the two sides will meet soon to conduct consultations and make full p▓reparations for the next high-level economic and trade consultation between the two sid▓es, an official said Thursday.Ministry of Commerce (MOC) sp

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okesperson ▓Gao Feng expressed hope that the Uni▓ted States w▓ill meet China half▓way, take concrete actions and create favorable conditions for the consultation."This is in the inte▓rests of both China and the United States▓, and the world as a whole," Gao said.On res▓uming imports of agricultural pr▓oducts from the Un▓ited States, Gao said

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Chinese comp▓anies have started to inquire with U.S. exporters abo▓ut the purchasing p▓rices of agricu▓ltural product▓s, includi▓ng soybeans and por▓k.The Customs Tariff▓ Commission of the State▓ Council Wednesday unveiled the first set of U.S.▓ goods to be excluded from the fi▓rst round of additio▓nal tariffs on U.S.▓ products.The exemption covers 16 c?/p>

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坅tegories of goods. There are ▓three aspects of criteria for examining th▓e exclusion application, Gao said.First, i▓t is difficult to ▓find alternative sources of commodities; second, the imposition of tariffs will ca▓use serious economic damage to the app▓licants; and ▓third, the imposition of tar▓iffs will have▓ a significant▓ negative structural impact on relevant indu▓stries or bring abo▓ut serious social co▓nsequences, Gao said▓.The commi▓ssion will continue▓ to work on th

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e exemption process▓ and relea▓se subsequent▓ lists in due course, Gao said.P▓lease scan the QR Code to follow us on ▓InstagramPlease▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina firmly opposes the passage of a Xinjiang-relat▓ed bill by the ▓U.S. Senate, a Foreign Ministry spokespers▓on said Thursday, urging the U.S. sid

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e to stop ▓pushing the bill t▓o become la▓w so as to preven▓t damages to the overall relations▓hip between China and the United States.China firmly oppo▓ses passage of Xin▓jiang-related bill by U.S. Senate▓China firml▓y opposes passage of Xinjiang-related bill▓ by U.S. Senate09


-13-2019 09:32 BJTBEIJIN▓G, Sept. 12 -- China firmly opposes th▓e passage of a Xinjian▓g-related bill▓ by the U.S. Se▓nate, a Foreign▓ Ministry spokesperson said Thur▓sday, urging the U.S. side to stop pushing the bill to become▓ law so as to pr▓event damages to▓ the overall relationship between Chi

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people more ▓indignant, she sa▓id."We urge the ▓U.S. side to respe▓ct facts, ret▓urn to reason, discard the▓ Cold-War mental▓ity, stop u▓sing Xinjia▓ng-related is▓sues as a pretext to interfere ▓in China's domestic▓ affairs, and stop pushing the b▓ill to becom▓e law so as to prevent damages to ▓the overall relatio▓nship between China and the Unit▓ed States," Hua s▓aid.Please sc

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an the QR Code to follow us on I▓nstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChin▓a on Wednesday unveiled the first s▓et of U.S. ▓goods to be excluded from the▓ first round of▓ additional tariffs ▓on U.S. products, which will help effectively deal wit▓h economic and tra▓de frictions and ease enterprises▓' burdens, experts sai▓d.China's first tariff exemption lists ▓of U.S. pro▓ducts ease trad▓e friction imp▓act, firms'▓ burdenChina▓'s first tariff exempti

on ▓lists of U.S. prod▓ucts ease trade friction impact, firms▓' burden09-12-2019 09:15 BJTBEI▓JING, Sept. 11 -- China on Wednesd▓ay unveiled the first set of U▓.S. goods to be exc▓luded from the first round ▓of additional

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onths starting Wednesday.▓The second list in▓cludes four ▓categories that ▓will enjoy the exemption but are not eligible for tariff refunds."The tariff exemption mechanism, a common practice used in the United States, Canada ▓and other economies▓, is helpi▓ng ease the impact of the China-U.S. economic and trade frictions and enterprises' burdens,"▓ according to Chen Huaisheng, a legal expert with the

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